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Castle Donington Parish Council

Serving the people of Castle Donington, Cavendish Bridge and Kings Mills

Clerk: Fiona Palmer
Parish Rooms , Hillside , Castle Donington, Derby, DE74 2NH

Tel: 01332 810432


The latest news from Castle Donington Parish Council.

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Fri, 20 Feb 2015
Castle Donington Library

Update: The Parish Council's Expression of Interest has been accepted, now the hard work begins! An outline business plan needs to be submitted by the 14 March 2015.

The Parish Council is looking to purchase the building, dependant on agreed amount, thus ensuring the sustainability of the library project. It is also looking at facilitating the setting-up of a legal entity to run the library provision in some form. This will be run by a group of active volunteers.

A number of public consultation events will be held over the next few months to ensure that a modern and thriving library facility can be provided and retained for the benefit of the local community. More »

The Parish Council is keen to hear from local residents who would like to become active volunteers within the proposed new library service provision. » Less

Wed, 11 Feb 2015
Donington Park Schedule of Events - February 2015

Donington Park Schedule of Events - February 2015

Wed, 28 Jan 2015
Elections 2015

Elections 2015

Are you intersted in being part of your community?

See link to information available.


Mon, 26 Jan 2015
Information about Post Office Closures

Information about Post Office Closures

Thu, 22 Jan 2015
Youth Activities
Youth Activities

Youth activities in Castle Donington are to receive a welcome boost thanks to a successful funding bid by Castle Donington Parish Council. They have been awarded £20,000 from North West Leicestershire District Council's '£20,000 for 7' grant programme to help install recreational equipment at Spital Park. The money, alongside further funding from the Parish Council, will help pay for a new MUGA (multi use games area), alongside informal exercise equipment and a zip wire.

The funding was determined through an online voting system, with seven areas across the district receiving £20,000 each. The Parish Council consulted with students at Castle Donington Academy to find out their views and drum up support for the project. All the hard work paid off with the awards' announcement just before Christmas. More »

Colin Burton, Chairman of the Recreation committee at the Parish Council, said: "This was a wonderful Christmas surprise for us and great news for the young people in the village. They have taken the time to go online and vote for this project, so we're confident that the new facilities will be well received. The next step will be to consult with them again about the sort of exercise equipment to purchase and we're looking forward to further input from the students." » Less

Thu, 22 Jan 2015
Litter / Dog Fouling

Following the recent comments on Facebook regarding litter / dog fouling please note that North West Leicestershire District Council Enforcement Team are responsible for monitoring and implementing fines. Unfortunately they only have two members of staff who have the powers to deal with litter / dog fouling for the whole of North West Leicestershire. The Parish Council do not have the relevant powers or control in this matter, therefore assistance from the public is needed in order to help alleviate the ongoing and increasing problem. More »

Also attached is information from NWLDC advising how to report dog fouling and the guide to Dog Control Orders.

Dog owners choose to have dogs and should take the responsibility to clear any mess made by the dog/s although unfortunately some owners do not do this! Members of the public are requested to also take responsibility in reporting any issues which are dealt with in the strictest of confidence.

The Parish Council can only install bins on its own land. Requests for additional dog / litter bins on Parish Council land can be made. However, due to the cost of providing the bins in the first instance and the ongoing cost involved in emptying them, careful consideration for any new bin requests will have to be given. This is due to potential ongoing cost implications which may necessitate in a future increase to Council Tax.

NWLDC ask that dog mess is bagged and taken home to be placed in black bins if there is no dog bin nearby. As the increase in fouling normally takes place in the winter season with dark mornings and nights, dog walkers tend to street walk so normally not far from home and therefore not an unreasonable request to carry it back home.

When considering reporting an incident it is not always necessary to have all the details, however you may know the owners name or a description of the owner, or dog/s, or location of fouling or roughly where the owner lives. This information will help NWLDC immensely and allow them to make a few house calls in order to find the people responsible. Alternatively for areas where continual fouling is taking place cameras can be installed in homes and monitored by NWLDC in order to catch the offenders.

Please let's start to make a difference to our village by taking your litter / dog mess home or by reporting any issues through the correct channels!

Litter / dog fouling via NWLDC e-mail streetenforcement@nwleicestershire.gov.uk by telephone 01530 454545!

Requests for additional bins via CDPC on Parish Council land e-mail clerk@cdpc.org.uk or telephone 01332 810432. » Less

Thu, 22 Jan 2015
Castle Donington Library

Following a consultation period between April and July 2014, Leicestershire County Council's Cabinet met on Wednesday 19th November 2014 to make a final decision on the Future of Leicestershire Libraries. The Cabinet approved recommendations which included the County Council fully funding 16 main and shopping centre Libraries and for the remaining 36 Libraries, including Castle Donington Library, inviting communities to take over the running of these facilities.

Castle Donington Parish Council has always been of the opinion that it should with the community, other partners and stakeholders use its powers and influence to keep the Castle Donington Library open and also provide a better service that is more responsive to the needs of local residents. More »

To this end, the Parish Council submitted an Expression of Interest in respect of facilitating the retention of Castle Donington Library in some format and is currently awaiting to hear whether this Interest has been accepted by the LCC allowing it to progress the Project to the next stages.

The Parish Council is keen to hear from local residents who would like to become actively involved in the gathering of the necessary evidence and business planning and also actively volunteer to assist in the future running of the Library. » Less

Thu, 22 Jan 2015
Gritting and Salt Bins

Following the recent comments on Facebook regarding lack of gritting and grit bins, please be advised that this responsibility is that of the LCC. Gritting routes and criteria can be accessed via the LCC website http://www.leics.gov.uk/gritting.

Grit bins can be requested via the Parish Council, who then put the request in to the LCC for them to make a decision. The Parish Council will then have to pay for these bins from the Parish Precept if accepted.

The Parish Council will also be requesting the LCC to consider increasing the gritting route to accommodate a route from the eastern side of the village to join the main arterial gritted routes through the village.

Fri, 16 Jan 2015
Meeting Rota 2015-16

Meeting Rota 2015-16

Meeting Rota 2015-16 (MS Word, 40 Kb)
Mon, 17 Nov 2014
Christmas Cheer Event

"A Celebration of Christmas Cheer"

Friday 5 December 2014, Castle Donington

Castle Donington will come alive from 5.00pm on Friday 5 December 2014 for the "switch-on" of the Christmas lights.

Everyone is welcome to meet in the St Edwards churchyard for a lantern procession led by Santa and his (LIVE!) reindeer to the Market Place. Ho! Ho! – kindly part sponsored by East Midlands Airport.

(Remember children wrap up warm with your Christmas hats and scarves and bring your lanterns and torches – ps. don't forget to dress your parents up too!) More »

New for this year – Meet Elsa (on stilts) and Olaf from the new Disney Film – Frozen, Toy Soldier (character on stilts), Tom Woods - plus Donington Park young person representative, fire engine, free children's ride, plus "glow sticks" will be handed out to all children!

The procession will leave the churchyard via the back gate out on to Church Lane, along the full length of Borough Street and finish at the Market Place.

Here, the children of St Edwards and Orchard Community primary schools backed by the Community Band of Castle Donington College will lead the singing of traditional carols interspersed by their own renditions of modern-day Christmas tunes.

The Town Crier, Mr John Bradburn, will lead an official count-down for the switch-on of the main Christmas lights in the Market Place.

After the event the children will be given the opportunity to have their photograph taken with Santa and his reindeer before Santa "flies" off on his busy tour of duties ahead of the big night on Christmas Eve.

To complete the picture and create that special atmosphere, it is hoped that, with Santa's arrival, will come the unusual but effective "snow blizzard."

The Parish Council has been working closely with business and other local groups to promote and develop this Event yet retain the theme of informality and orientated to children. Many of the local businesses and shops will be remain open until 8.00pm on this day for Christmas Late Night Shopping.

The shopkeepers and businesses will open their doors offering seasonal refreshments and sweets for the children.



Poster (PDF, 1.2 Mb)
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Thu, 16 Oct 2014


Young Peoples Provision

Castle Donington Parish Council, the Police and Young People have been working together to gather funds to provide additional, positive facilities for the 12-19 years; engaging and focusing their energies on something constructive, interesting and that has longevity.

The Young People have been working with the other authorities to develop age-related activities that they want.

The ideas being promoted so far are:

  • The new, popular Outdoor Gym Equipment
  • A Zip Wire
  • MUGA (Multi-Use Games Area)
  • And more depending on the funding money awarded!!

This will be based at Spital Park, creating a "Young Peoples" area near the existing skate park and youth shelter. More »

Please see the attached advert; WE NEED YOUR VOTES to secure this money!!!

Once the money has been secured, the Young People will be invited to help design the area. Look out for further information.

Also, for the slightly older generation, and going forward the younger ones, the Bowls Club are also looking for support to develop and enhance their club house and grounds.

When registering to support the young people's grant, take a look at this other local project and vote for it too!!!

Let's build our facilities with the help of this grant money!!!

www.nwleics.gov.uk/247vote » Less

Mon, 22 Sep 2014
Community Litter Pick

Come and help clear your Village

The Parish Council has organised a Community Litter in a bid to help clear our community up!!

Meeting at the SPital Park Pavilion at 10am on Saturday 27 Septmber

Please come along

Refreshments provided too!!!

Poster (PDF, 1.3 Mb)
Thu, 11 Sep 2014
Zoo Festival

'Zoo Project Festival' to be held at Donington Park.

Event Details - Sent to the Parish Council from NWLDC

The Zoo Project Festival 2014 is taking place on 12, 13 and 14 September at Donington Park. There will be four stages of electronic music entertainment, the main stage in a big top, and three small stages within the historic Deer Park. Up to 5,000 people will be in attendance.

The site opens at midday on Friday 12 with music starting at 1pm on the Friday, midday on Saturday and 10am on Sunday. More »

Following some residents being affected by noise from the event in 2013, the council has been working with the event organiser to develop and agree an event management plan.

Together we've agreed the following to further reduce the likelihood of residents being disturbed by unreasonable noise levels.

  • The event organiser has appointed a professional noise specialist
  • The noise specialist will be monitoring noise levels at locations within and surrounding the site
  • A member of the councils noise control team will be present at the noise test on 11 September, when noise levels are set
  • The organisers will make changes to the orientation of amplification equipment to reduce the likelihood of noise disturbance
  • There will be a staggered closure to the stages with only one stage operating after 2am.
  • All music stages will cease at midnight on Sunday 14th September.

Resident telephone number

If residents feel they are experiencing unreasonable levels of noise during the event, they can call our 24 hour emergency call centre on 01530 454789. This is an emergency response service – we are advising residents not to call this number simply to report that they can hear noise from the event. All resident concerns will immediately be passed onto the event organiser.

Alternatively if residents wish to report their concerns after the event has finished they can contact us from Monday 15 September by calling 01530 454545 or emailing environmental.protection@nwleicestershire.gov.uk or licensing@nwleicestershire.gov.uk » Less

Fri, 29 Aug 2014
Grass Cutting – Leicestershire County Council Consultation

Grass Cutting – Leicestershire County Council Consultation

LCC is currently undertaking consultation in respect of the urban grass mowing in the whole of the County.

The current contract for mowing will come to an end in October 2014 and parishes now have an opportunity to improve the standard of mowing within the urban areas of their villages and towns.

Going forward, LCC is to undertake 5 cuts per year (guaranteed 2015) (cutting dates will be on the LCC website: www.leics.gov.uk/grasscutting); the statutory minimum cuts are only 3 per year. More »

LCC is offering 1.4 pence per square metre per cut! This is currently the level that LCC is paying for the existing contract with LaFarge Tarmac.

LCC will not undertake extra cuts above the proposed 5, even if the Parish Council paid for them!

The Parish Council has "expressed an interest" in taking on the mowing of the urban areas (approx. 23,000 sq metres) within Castle Donington (which is any highway verge 30/40mph) from the LCC. This will allow for them to be maintained to the same high standard that is seen currently on Parish Council owned land (which benefits from fortnightly mowing throughout the season from March to October). Obviously there will be a cost implication to increase the standard of maintenance and this is something that has yet to be agreed upon.

The cost of the additional mowing (circa 4p per sq metre) has yet to be confirmed or finalised as it depends on how much of this additional work the Parish Council decides to take on.

There are a number of scenarios to achieve the high standard of grounds maintenance that is expected for "our village" and the Parish Council would welcome your comments in respect of this matter by 20 September 2014. » Less

Thu, 28 Aug 2014
Donington Dash

Buy your entry for the first ever Donington Dash 10k on Sunday 21st September 2014. Starting at 11am this event is being held to raise money for a 3rd Defibrillator for Castle Donington. This one will be installed on the pavilion at Spital Park. Hosted by Fast and Fresh and MC_PT on behalf of the Castle Donington Community 1st Responders and the defibrillator fund.

The route takes you round the Airport trail, through woodlands, parkland and meadows. Past native trees such as Oak, Ash, Hawthorn and Dogwood. More »

Click here to buy your entry http://doningtondash.wordpress.com/. Online entry only. Entries will close at 2359 on the 15th Sept.

There are unique pieces of art along the trail, information boards explaining the wildlife in the area and the chance to glimpse bat boxes and hedgehog hotels.

A flat fast course with some long downhill stretches. 95% traffic free. » Less

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