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Castle Donington Parish Council

Serving the people of Castle Donington, Cavendish Bridge and Kings Mills

Clerk: Fiona Palmer
Parish Rooms , Hillside , Castle Donington, Derby, DE74 2NH

Tel: 01332 810432


The latest news from Castle Donington Parish Council.

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Mon, 01 Jun 2015
Operation Tiger
Operation Tiger

On the morning of Friday 29th May NN43 Valley Beat Police team members PC914 Longden and PCSO6867 Bradley were at the bottom of village on Station Road pro-actively involved in Op TIGER checking, advising and the enforcing of commercial vehicles breaching the 7.5 Tonne weight restrictions entering Castle Donington.

Fri, 29 May 2015
Youth Activities
Youth Activities

Castle Donington School Council has presented to the Parish Council chairman, a thousand pounds that it had pledged by way of their contribution to this scheme. The young people are very enthusiastic to see the completed scheme and teachers are committed to bringing the students to see and use the facility during school time.

Discussions have been on-going with partners in terms of what else can be provided for the teenage children, in particular during the school holidays, similar to that already provided at the Castle Donington College for 5-11 year olds. After investigation, it is being proposed that a number of activity sessions could run at Spital Park pavilion/field and also enhanced age related activities at the college, e.g. supervised gym use, etc. The services can be bought in for a nominal cost to ensure that they happen; but they will then be charged out on the same basis as those offered for the younger children at the College, thus allowing any money received to be re-invested to provide additional services and activities for the young people. These additional age related activities will be advertised and promoted through the schools and various events, including Music in the Park. Questionnaires will be undertaken to try and find out other things that the young people may like to see. There are a number of taster sessions that can be bought in, including Segway's, interactive graffiti walls, climbing walls, beauty/pamper days, etc. These would incur a nominal cost, which is then recouped by charging out to the young people.

Fri, 29 May 2015
Youth Activities
Youth Activities

The work at Spital Park is going well. The equipment will be installed in the main by the end of this week. It will be kept fenced until some of the ground works have had chance to settle after reinstatement. The area will remain fenced off for a couple of weeks, perhaps.

Discussions have been taken with partners in terms of an official opening for the equipment. This is likely to be a "Young Persons Day" during the school holidays. Date to be confirmed, but likely to be sometime in August – Watch this space!

Fri, 29 May 2015

Update: Library provision – Very successful consultation meeting held at the library with over 70 interested residents attending. Cllrs C Hills gave an update as to where the Parish Council is in terms of buying the building, setting up of the Charitable Incorporated Organisation and transfer of library provision to library group. The next stage was to get various information to the LCC so that they can make a decision to progress to the transfer of the library service. This was submitted by the deadline and we are currently waiting to hear back. The registration with the Charities Commission is to be submitted in the next few weeks and a meeting of the interested trustees is due to be held on 1 June. More »

Please feel to register your name if you are interested in being a library group member or just supporting the group in its work to retain this much needed and wanted service for the village.


"The LCC Panel has now evaluated the updated information regarding the outline business plan. It will be recommending to cabinet on the 16th June to progress the development of the transition plan for the transfer of the Library service subject to all legal documentation being in place"

Indicative transfer date will be February 2016. Now the hard work begins!! » Less

Mon, 18 May 2015
Parish Council Election Results

Declaration of Results of Poll North West Leicestershire Electrion of Parish Councillors for Castle Donington - Central Ward

Castle Donington Central ward

Ambrose-Jones, Shaun - 683 (ELECTED)

Burton, Colin - 655 (ELECTED)

Daykin, Neil - 561 (ELECTED)

Nickless, Rebecca - 629 (ELECTED)

O'Dowd, Bernadette - 204

Roberts, Gary - 510 (ELECTED)

Turnout: 73.55%

Castle Ward and Park Ward were uncontested elections

Parish Councillors elected tor Castle Ward:


HILLS Christopher Charles

SAFFELL Tony More »

SOWTER Angus Gordon

WINTLE Derek Henry

Parish Councillors elected for Park Ward:

DALBY Charles Gerald

ELSE Robert Arthur


STEWART Graham Simon » Less

Sun, 17 May 2015
Spital Park Youth activities
Spital Park Youth activities

Spital Park Youth activities

Looking good

All going to plan

Watch this space!!!

photo (JPEG, 633 Kb, 1600x1200)
photo (JPEG, 664 Kb, 1600x1200)
Thu, 07 May 2015


Sun, 26 Apr 2015
Historic Car Festival

Historic Car Festival

Saturday 2 May 2015


Village Centre

Event Poster (PDF, 1.2 Mb)
Sun, 26 Apr 2015
Mediaeval May Market

Mediaeval May Market

Monday 4 May 2015

10am - 3.00pm

Event poster (PDF, 163 Kb)
Sun, 26 Apr 2015
Castle Donington Community Library

Castle Donington Community Library

Find Out More At The Medieval Market

The Parish Council will have a Castle Donington Community Library stall at the Medieval Market on 4th May. You will be able to find out more information about project, sign up as a member or become a volunteer.

Open Meeting 14th May @ Castle Donington Library

There will be an open meeting at Castle Donington Library on 14th May at 7:30pm.

Come along and find out more about the proposed Community Library.

Tue, 14 Apr 2015
Donington Park Schedule of Events - April 2015

Donington Park Schedule of Events - April 2015

Fri, 13 Mar 2015
Parish Council Elections 2015

All nomination papers are available from NWLDC at the Coalville offices and applications are to be submitted to NWLDC as detailed below.

Broad Election Timetable

Notice of election

–No later than 25 days before polling (30thMarch) Election Papers

Nomination Papers

-No papers to arrive at the North West Leicestershire District Council Offices, Coalville before 26th March and must not be dated before 9th March.

Delivering Nomination Papers

-Hours of delivery must be during office hours – 8.45 am – 5pm and MUST be delivered by HAND. More »

Nominations and consent

–4pm 9th April

• Last day for withdrawal of candidature

–Not later than 4pm of 9th April

• Notice of poll

–6 days before polling (28th April)

• May 7th 2015 polling day » Less

Thu, 12 Mar 2015
The Precept and what your Parish Council does with it!

The Parish Council has now set the Precept for 2015-16. The Parish Council has looked very closely at keeping increases to a realistic and reasonable amount, balancing potential additional spending responsibilities against the adverse economic background.

During the past year, the Parish Council:

  • Has secured the public car parking facility at the Catholic Church on Castle Hill (NWLDC would no longer continue to fund this!)
  • Has agreed to take-over the urban grass cutting from the LCC. This will happen on a fortnightly basis in all urban areas around the village!
  • Has introduced another FREE village event into its calendar of events – The Historic Car Festival. This has been achieved by working in conjunction with Donington Park and The Historic Car Company.
  • Has worked closely with the local Police to reduce antisocial behaviour throughout the village.
  • Has worked with other partners, including the local Police and new head teacher to improve and enhance the play facilities for the teenagers.
  • Has secured Section 106 funding from the new housing developments. This will be used on leisure and recreation facilities, improved highway works, enhancements for the local library and schools.
  • Has secured and retained a local library service within Castle Donington. Plans for this are still to be finalised and will continue to emerge.
  • Worked with the local voluntary services and clubs, giving much needed funding to the Volunteer Centre, the Friday Group, the Bowls Club – to name a few.
  • Is working on a Recreational and Leisure Strategy to ensure that the funding to be received through the Section 106 agreements can be maximised to the best and provide what is needed and wanted for the local community.
  • Is working with other partners in objection of the Strategic Rail Freight Interchange yet also trying to work with the developers and other partners to ensure that the best can be achieved for the local communities if it does come

This is just a snapshot of the things from 2014-15! If you want to find out more then, either look at the Parish Council minutes on its website www.cdpc.org.uk, speak to the Clerk or a councillor or pop in to the office for a chat! More »

The door is always open for a chat and a coffee!

Below is a list of the things the Parish Council already does, not including the new activities and projects throughout the last year and also going forward:

  • Provides, maintains and manages four playing fields;
  • Provides, maintains and manages two sporting facility buildings
  • Provides and maintains twelve children's play areas plus a skate park;
  • Provides and maintains various areas of open space, including many tree belts, village entrance islands and other grassed areas (that the LCC and NWLDC no longer do!);
  • Provides and maintains the bus station area, including the provision of bus shelters;
  • Provides and maintains litter and dog bins on Parish Council owned land;
  • Provides, maintains and manages the BarroonCemetery;
  • Provides, maintains and manages the Turf allotments
  • Provides, maintains and manages other community buildings including the Dovecote (used by the Bowls Clubs)
  • Provides and maintains festive lighting displays;
  • Provides and maintains floral displays;
  • Organises and manages FIVE annual village events;
  • Comments on planning applications to the Local Planning Authority (NWLDC and beyond);
  • Comments on matters it is consulted upon by the District and County councils;
  • Supports local charities and organisations including Castle Donington Volunteer Centre, CD Museum, the Bowls Clubs, Sports Clubs, etc;
  • Maintains the Closed Churchyard at St Edwards's church, including contributing to the ongoing maintenance of the external lights and church clock.

The Parish Council is very keen to promote the local community and a feeling of pride. It feels very strongly that the events it runs actively bring the local community together and give people a sense of well-being. The Precept and additional grants and donations support the running of five major events, including the Medieval May Market and Christmas Cheer Event. Music in the Park has become a "village favourite" and although subsidised in the main by a donation from Livenation, who runs Download at Donington Park, it is your Parish Council staff and Council members who organise and run this and all the other events!

The Parish Council is very lucky in having an additional funding stream through the Market Charter that levies stallage charges on the Sunday Market at Donington Park. This has decreased substantially over the recent years (from over £25k to about £7k, due to the changes in shopping habits), however, it is valuable source of funding for use on many capital projects, including new play areas, Christmas lights, new street furniture, etc.

The Parish Council is always looking at alternative ways to fund projects and has been successful recently in securing grants towards the new Youth Activities, Chelsea's Choice (a play internet safety and child exploitation), CCTV cameras at the allotments, highway verge improvement works, new daffodil bulb and tree planting at various locations around the village plus many other projects.

The final Precept was increased minimally, mainly due to the effect of taking over the urban grass cutting from LCC, at 4.8%. It was felt that it was necessary to have this minimal increase; otherwise the good work of budgeting correctly for the future of this Parish would be unstainable.

The Parish Council actual increase, based on a band D property is approximately 10p per week.

Full details of the final Precept can be obtained from the Clerk at the Parish Council offices or via the Parish Council's website www.cdpc.org.uk » Less

Fri, 20 Feb 2015
Youth Activities

Following on from last month's report about much needed youth activities enhancement in Castle Donington, the Parish Council is pleased to announce that it has placed an order for approximately £68,000 to purchase a Multi-Use Games Area, outdoor gym equipment, play wall to go with the MUGA and also a zip wire.

This was thanks to some much needed grant funding, recreation budgets from the Precept and also a very kind and generous donation form the local young people on Castle Donington College School Council. This donation was extremely well received by the Parish Council and it is hoped that the young people will take pride in their new facilities and have great fun too. More »

Keep watching for further updates as to the installation timeline! » Less

Fri, 20 Feb 2015
Chelsea’s Choice – Community Working Looking good!!

As part of an ongoing community based initiative to advocate safe internet usage to local young people there is planned a presentation by the AlterEgo Creative Solutions Applied Theatre Group of 'CHELSEA'S CHOICE' on the 25th February at Castle Donington College. This will be screened to years 8 and 9 and is open for their parents in the evening.

This has been funded by Castle Donington Parish Council from a NWLDC Safer North West Partnership Grant having been sign posted by the local Police. This is one example of the Castle Donington Parish Council's commitment to pro-actively engage the younger members of the community and work with local community partners to enhance their life experiences. More »

'CHELSEA'S CHOICE' is an innovative 35 minute long Applied Theatre play followed by a 25 minute long plenary session.

There are three shows, 09:00hrs for year 9 students, 11:20hrs for year 8 students and 18:00hrs for parents.

The College pastoral team and local Police Beat Team will be on hand to help with student disclosure.

Cllr Gary Roberts, Chairman of Castle Donington Parish Council, said: "It is great news that by proactively working together we are able to provide the needed funding to allow the College to put on such a worthwhile production for the benefit of the young people and their parents!"

Mr Mark Mitchley, Head teacher at Castle Donington College, said: "I cannot thank the Parish Council enough. Chelsea's Choice came to the College last year and then its funding was cut which meant that we couldn't possibly afford it this year. It made a huge impact on our Year 9s and I am thrilled that they can come back and, this time reaches Year 8 and parents. It will make a difference and it is a very positive sign of the new collaborative approach between the College and the Parish Council".

Cllr Trevor Pendleton Chairman of The Safer North West Partnership NWLDC which awarded the initial funding to Castle Donington Parish Council said

'I am delighted that Castle Donington College students and their parents will have the opportunity to see this innovative production. By raising awareness of grooming and exploitation we can all work together to tackle the abuse of young people in our communities'. » Less

Displaying results 76-90 of 244